Hamburg's Good Bytz raises EUR 2.5 million in seed funding round

Start-up aims to revolutionize kitchens with robots
30 March 2022
Dr. Hendrik Susemihl, Kevin Deutmarg and Philipp von Stürmer, founders of GoodBytz

The Good Bytz start-up has raised EUR 2.5 million in a seed financing round led by Oyster Bay Venture Capital in Hamburg. The team wants to put the fresh capital towards developing its assistant robots and to make kitchens healthier, more efficient and sustainable. 

Robotics and big data in catering

Dr Hendrik Susemihl, Kevin Deutmarg and Philipp von Stürmer, the founders of Good Bytz, hope to "revolutionise" the catering industry with robots and big data and expect to launch the robot prototype in the coming months. Their business model focuses on the entire digital ecosystem and not simply on automating kitchens. "The robot can be trained similar to a human being and adapted to different kitchens and conditions," said Deutmarg. The "robotic sous-chef" does the cooking, while the chef can take care of fine-tuning the dishes. Good Bytz was founded in 2021.