Hamburg extends tax relief for firms hit by pandemic

Apply for tax relief in 2022 - around EUR 7 billion granted since coronavirus struck
23 December 2021
Luftaufnahme Hamburg

Firms in Hamburg hit by the pandemic can submit applications for tax relief in 2022 as well, tax authorities in Hamburg announced in mid-December. Applications for adjusted advance income tax payments and corporation tax for interest-free deferral can be submitted in January. Enforcement orders for taxes due in late January have been suspended until late March. Individuals and companies that can prove to have been negatively affected by the pandemic can apply for tax relief in the New Year.

Around EUR 7 billion in tax relief

The extension is "good news for the economy amid the latest coronavirus wave", said Andreas Dressel, Senator for Finance. "Many companies have been hit hard. So it is good that we reacted quickly and unbureaucratically last year, especially with offers of tax relief," Dressel added. Around EUR 7 billion in tax relief has been granted so far and accounts for the largest share of all coronavirus aid.