Gruner + Jahr sets up new food studio with Hamburg Startup

Food Publishing: Gruner + Jahr and Foodboom to push digitalisation along with Blueberry Food Studios
11 September 2020
Gründer von den Blueberry Food Studios

The Hamburg-based publishing house Gruner + Jahr (G+J), renowned as one of Europe’s leading food publishers, has, along with the Hanseatic Food Content Startup Foodboom, launched Blueberry Food Studios GmbH, based in Hamburg-Rothenburgsort. Culinary productions will in future be made for motion picture, social media, digital and print in new, multimedia production spaces. Live formats and branded content are planned in addition. Blueberry Food Studios will be creating more than 10 new jobs for the project.

Food Themes Trending

“The themes of nutrition and enjoyment have never been as popular as today,” says Jan Spielhagen, food publisher at G+J. High-quality content is in greater demand than ever. Spielhagen sees a big opportunity for Blueberry Food Studios here: “Along with the Foodboom founders, we aim to provide a completely new food publishing form for readers, users and our advertising partners.” A number of experimental kitchens kitted out with the latest equipment will be set up for this purpose in an industrial hall converted for Blueberry Food Studios in the east of Hamburg.

Productions for Established Brands

From September 2020, Recipes for well-known magazines, for example Brigitte, Essen & Trinken and Beef, will be created in theme-based kitchens in the Look & Feel of the brands G+J and Deutsche Medien-Manufaktur (DMM). The new site will offer photo and video studios, complete with props and presentation areas. Foodboom has since 2015 been based right next door in the same building with its team that has grown to 60 since startup, a thinktank comprising food stylists, photo and video specialists, and experts in social media. The experimental kitchens in use to date, along with the adjacent photo studios on Baumwall are to be closed by the end of the year.