Firms in Hamburg hire apprentices despite pandemic

Take-over rate almost unchanged in 2020 - fewer trainees in hotels and restaurants
01 July 2021

The take-over rate of apprentices in Hamburg remained almost unchanged in 2020 over pre-pandemic years, a survey of 227 trainees, published by the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg on Friday (June 25, 2021), has found. Around half of the trainees were hired by their companies for an unlimited period last year while 22 per cent received a fixed-term employment contract.

Trainees vital for commerce 

"In 2035, there will be a shortage of around 127,000 skilled workers. For this reason, we have to focus on training even in crises and offer young people attractive and reliable prospects," said Malte Heyne, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce. The business community in Hamburg lived up to this responsibility during the pandemic.

Fewer new training contracts 

The pandemic is also impacting the number of new apprenticeships. In 2021, around 30 per cent fewer training contracts have been signed than in 2019, according to the Chamber of Commerce. Many firms especially in the hotel and catering industry can offer no apprenticeships whatsoever or only to a limited extent given the tough economic situation. Career guidance at trade fairs and through internships is not available at present. Yet, Heyne was cautiously optimistic. "We hope that by the time training starts again in August, the sectors that have now reopened will have signed more contracts." Around 1,500 apprenticeships in Hamburg are vacant at present.