Employees not as relaxed despite remote work, Xing survey finds

2020 more strenuous and tougher - demand for hybrid office solutions and new management style
14 December 2020
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A large proportion of employees in Germany believes that the Corona Working Year 2020 has been more stressful than previous years, a November survey of 1,300 members of Xing has found. The Hamburg-based career network uses a so-called "Corona Barometer" to gauge the mood among workers in German-speaking countries regularly. The following are the results for Germany:

Little recovery, but more hope for future

Seven out of ten German respondents said that 2020 has been more strenuous and challenging than previous years. Around three quarters of German members took fewer holidays in 2020. People with a lower number of holidays were often less refreshed, the survey found. The general mood had worsened in November compared to May. The proportion of respondents who were doing well or very well fell from 52 per cent to 44 per cent. Whereas in May only 52 per cent of respondents were positive or very positive about the future in November 2021, that percentage had risen to 55 per cent in November. 

Less remote work - challenges remain 

The challenges of remote working may account for higher stress levels among respondents. Almost half of respondents are still experiencing problems with the spatial separation of work and home or leisure time. Three out of four respondents also miss social contacts at work. Overall, the proportion of German Xing members who work exclusively at home, had decreased from 47 per cent in May to 32 per cent in November. "We see from this development that hybrid office solutions, i.e., working both in the office and remotely, seem to be gaining acceptance," said Sabrina Zeplin, Managing Director of Xing.

More responsibility for employees

A change in the supervisor's leadership style is also needed, Zeplin noted, as remote work requires remote leadership. Four out of ten supervisors, who took part in the survey, said they had already changed their management style. The attempt to better motivate employees was mentioned particularly frequently. Both managers and employees have also noted a stronger transfer of responsibility and decision-making to the employees.



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