Emergency Lab enters next round - seizing opportunity in a crisis

Apply now for Emergency Lab #2 and find new, digital solutions
29 May 2020
Symbolising creativity

Creative professionals and SMEs have until the deadline of June 4, 2020 to submit their applications for Emergency Lab #2 to be held from June 15-19, 2020 with emphasis on digitalisation. The Emergency Lab has been set up by the Cross Innovation Hub, which is part of Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, to bring SMEs together with experts in the creative sector. They then spend two and a half days developing solutions to pressing challenges facing SMEs amid the corona pandemic. Many companies are now vying to find entirely new, digital  means of remaining competitive

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft - viewing the crisis as an opportunity

Questions dominating Emergency Lab #2 include changing business models and adding digital products or creating and improving new communication channels to customers. Mantaining efficient, digital workflows is also high on the agenda. The latest lab is being held in co-operation with the Kompetenzzentrum Mittelstand 4.0 Hamburg and the Chamber of Commerce and targets companies exposed to the crisis. The agenda foresees drafting immediate, individual solutions as well action plans. Participation is free of charge for creative, self-employed persons and SMEs not in the creative industries.

Emergency Lab – successful first round

The qualifiers for Emergency Lab #1, which was held in April, included a service provider for event technology. Major events cannot be held at the moment, so equipment cannot be rented meaning the provider had hardly any business at the time. During the laboratory, concrete ideas for further developing the service were drafted e.g. planning and setting up fixed architectural lighting, revamping the office and workspace design, providing full services in communication technology, acoustics and lighting. The combination may prove a a promising business model and will be particularly important, if major events cannot be held for a longer period of time. Such an expanded business model would allow the company to service neighbouring markets.