driveMybox's digital platform goes live

Hamburg-based driveMybox's booking platform for container transports
29 July 2020
driveMybox container lorry

A digital platform by the Hamburg-based start-up driveMybox, which specializes in container lorry transport, is offering an all-in-one solution that links up all those involved in the transport chain in its network.

Digital booking from - price to the settlement

The digitalisation of container lorry traffic is presently based on isolated applications and delayed information making for an inefficient and costly process. The customer or service provider performs most tasks manually. Enter driveMybox! The company's platform can be used for orders and services and links up both customers and providers and the entire delivery goes digital - from the first quote to disposition and invoicing. Users get far more flexibility and transparency by booking online. The prices are dynamic and live tracking, automatic payment processing, direct communication and digital documents make things much easeier.

Sector voices approval

The logistics of container lorry transport is simplified in a just a few clicks.  The registered drivers receive optimised transport orders by push messages on their mobile phones. Dr. Leonard Heilig, joint founder of driveMybox, noted: "By combining knowledge, data-driven technologies and innovation, we are digitalizing the container logistics of the future and keeping an eye on the added value for all parties involved." Aaron Spandehra, another joint founder, added: "Our platform has already met with great approval from clients and transport service providers. This is mainly due to our business concept and the platform's extensive functions."

Germany-wide expansion planned

Those behind driveMybox now hope to optimise container lorry transport and to process orders efficiently after a successful beta phase in southern Germany. Empty runs, unproductive waiting and a lack of clarity are a thing of the past. Self-employed lorry drivers and transport companies benefit from the app-based, paperless, simple and swift processing. Customers and service providers can register on the platform free of charge. Exporters and importers can book and process their orders at transhipment points in Munich, Nuremberg and Kornwestheim from August. The company is now laying plans to expand across Germany from 2021.