Deutsche Tamoil relocates to Hamburg

Tamoil decided to settle at the banks of the Outer Alster lake in 2015
09 September 2014

The German Tamoil GmbH has grown rapidly in recent years. Its service stations under the HEM brand are now present in all of Germany, and sales are increasing continuously. With the growth, a need for new corporate headquarters was experienced at the company’s Elmshorn home. 

New HQ at the Outer Alster lake

When looking for a location suitable for expansion and continued growth, the German Tamoil GmbH found a perfect place in Hamburg, and decided to settle at the banks of the Outer Alster lake in 2015. “We have tested a variety of offers at Elmshorn, where we are at home with strong roots. However, when takinginto account all factors, the final choice was Hamburg. We want to offer to our employees a modern workplace in an attractive environment with excellent public transport links, and we are convinced that our new headquarters will best meet these requirements in the heart of Hamburg”, states Carsten Pohl, managing director of Deutsche Tamoil GmbH. “Right in the green heart of the Hanseatic city, at Hamburg’s Outer Alster lake, we have found a location that has been custom-tailored for us. High-quality, but not pretentious – and only a five minutes walk away from Dammtor station.” The company plans to move to new premises in the second quarter of 2015, with approximately 70 employees then working in the heart of Hamburg. 

Two roots, one company

The company was founded in 1925 under the name “Hermann Eggert carbon trading company” in Elmshorn. As fuel oil developed into the main product around 1954, the company was renamed Hamburg Eggert oil trading company, short HEM. Tamoil, on the other hand, was was founded in the 1970s by the Libyan business man Roger Tamraz. In the 1980s, it became state-owned as daugher of the Libyan group Oilinvest. IN 1996, HEM was sold to the German Tamoil, which already had entered a co-operation agreement with HEM in 1991. 

Steady expansion

Already in the 1970s, HEM had started with the construction of petrol stationsin Northern Germany. In 1989, the first HEM petrol station started operations. Half a decade later, HEM was integrated into the Oilinvest group and renamed German Tamoil GmbH in 1996. Just one year later, the nationwide expansion of HEM petrol stations began. The years 2007 and 2008 were marked by strong growth. In 2007, the Dannenberg station network was integrated; in 2008, the partial takeover of the Go station network followed. 

Successful relaunch

The 2009 brand relaunch gave HEM a new, modern and fresh look. Next to the company’s headquarters in Elmshorn, a prototype for new petrol stations was being built. In 2010, a new store concept was introduced. Since 2011, the stations have been are gradually bundled under the national brand of HEM. With the successful expansion of the retail network, sales exceeded the two billion euro barrier. Today, Tamoil is one of the largest companies in Schleswig Holstein. 

Stable revenues

Even though the selling prices for fuel were significantly lower at etrol stations last year, Tamoil’s revenues in 2013 remained stable with 2.3 billion euro. This is due to a significant increase in the volume of fuel sold. Profit after tax even climbed by almost nine per cent to 10.7 million euro. As in the past, the entire amount will be reinvested in the current year into the expansion and modernisation of the retail network.