Cybus raises EUR 8 million in latest funding round

Hanseatic firm to become "Smart Factory" and to launch into Industry 4.0 with software plans to double workforce by late 2022
21 March 2022
Software for smart factory

The Hamburg-based software company Cybus has closed its Series A funding round led by PwC Holdings Germany GmbH with EUR 8 million. Cybus provides the most advanced solution for digitizing industrial manufacturing through its high-availability smart factory software. The fresh capital will allow the company to invest in features, tools and processes that will revolutionize collaboration between manufacturing, IT and business stakeholders for the rapid and sustainable implementation of industrial IoT use cases. 

Industry 4.0 - intelligent software for smart factory

Cybus offers industrial companies more efficient networking and automated production. Peter Sorowka, CEO of Cybus, remarked"We are not talking about pilot projects anymore but digital rollouts across entire factories – without interrupting production.” The software solution is already being used by European SMEs and the automotive industry and is one of the main components of the so-called "smart factory". Such factories are based on intelligently networked machines and products. The product itself communicates the information required for production to the smart factory. Workers no longer have to intervene in the actual production process. An integrated security solution allows  factories to retain control over their data and to digitize their production independently of cloud or other third-party providers.

Cybus to boost digital transformation of industry 

The so-called "Internet of Things" (IoT), a wireless communication between products and plants is the basis of  communication for the smart factory. Establishing this connection poses one of the greatest challenges of digital transformation for many company. Matthias Odrobina, Managing Director of PwC Holdings Germany GmbH, said:_ “Cybus’ software solution solves exactly this problem. It acts as a technology-neutral mediator and overcomes typical compatibility barriers between different systems.”


Cybus GmbH was founded in 2015 by Peter Sorowka (CEO), Marius Schmeding and Pierre Manière in Hamburg. The software company expects to double its workforce by late 2022 and to triple its annual revenue over 2021.