Climate bus hits roads in Hamburg to highlight climate goals

Hamburger Hochbahn's bus backed by Ströer, Scientists4Future and Parents4Future
26 September 2023
Der Klimabus unterwegs in Hamburg

Hamburger Hochbahn's latest climate bus hit on roads across Hamburg Monday (September 12, 2023) to highlight the repercussions of climate change and show how temperatures would develop, if countermeasures are not taken. Backed by Ströer media and the initiatives Scientists4Future and Parents4Future, the bus sports a sticker with the motto "All of us for 1.5 C degrees".

Climate bus underlining need for change

"Many people are unnecsserarily afraid of the changes needed. We want to show residents of Hamburg that climate protection is simple and attractive, e.g., by using public transport and with this e-bus. We want to highlight the urgency of the current situation and campaign for a mobility transition," according to representatives of Scientists4Future and Parents4Future. Both initiatives involve scientists and parents who are committed to combatting climate change and meeting the 1.5 degree Celsus target. Politics must consider scientific findings, they insist. 

80 per cent of journeys by environment-friendly transport

"We as a transport company want to make a key contribution to achieving the city's climate goals.  We take this responsibility seriously with every new e-bus, every new metre of underground track and every passenger we convince to switch to the environmental alliance," said Merle-Schmidt Brunn, Hochbahn's Board Member for Sustainability and Finance. Around 68 per cent of all journeys in Hamburg could be done by public transport or bicycle and on foot by 2022, according to a survey by Hamburg's Ministry of Transport. By 2030, around 80 per cent of all journeys are to be done by environment-friendly transport