Accelery setting up shop in TIP Innovation Park

E-commerce start-up to set up headquarters and campus in Nordheide
15 November 2022
Eine Simulation des C3-Campus

The e-commerce Accelery start-up is investing EUR 3 million in its new headquarters and campus in the TIP Nordheide industrial estate, according to the Harburg District Economic Development Agency (WLH). Construction is due to start in 2022 and the campus is expected to open in summer 2023. TIP should bring together even more medium-sized companies and applied research.


Founders of Accelery
© Accelery GmbH
Christoph Söhnlein, Managing Director (left) and Christoph A. Reimers

Accelery to grow workforce and business

Accelery's C3 (Competence, Commerce and Community) campus will feature offices, warehouses and workshops. The company hopes to attract research institutions keen on testing robots or using the workshop while students can avail of a co-working space. Accelery hopes to grow its workforce from ten to 40 employees by 2025 and become a service provider at the interface of e-commerce and stationary retail.

Prospects in Harburg and potential for new jobs

"Accelery highlights the importance of providing suitable commercial space for start-ups as well. The goal must be to show these young companies prospects in Harburg, as they have huge potential to create highly qualified jobs near home," said Jens Wrede, Managing Director of WLH. "Great importance is placed on innovations at TIP. We hope to gain added value from the network of local companies," said Christoph Söhnlein, Managing Director of Accelery.

From student flat to start-up

The founders hit on the idea for Accelery in a tiny student flat in 2017, according to Söhnlein and Christopher Schulz. The duo built up their business and engraved personalised love locks while at university and founded the company a year later when Christoph A. Reimers joined. The trio then focused on developing personalised gifts for e-commerce sales. Meanwhile, the company has begun offering e-commerce services for well-known brand manufacturers. Accelery expects to close the current fiscal year "with a turnover of around EUR 4 million", according to the founders.