About You aiming for ranks of Europe's biggest second-hand retailers

Hamburg-based start-up jumps on recommerce trend to prolong life cycle of clothes
15 December 2020
About you Geschäftsführer

The Hamburg-based fashion start-up About You announced plans Friday (December 11, 2020) to add second-hand fashion to its product range, a. The latest category called "Second Love" includes items from partners in second-hand ecommerce and aims to prolong the life cycle of clothes as a sustainable alternative to new goods. About You is jumping on the recommerce trend and now aims to become one of Europe's leading second-hand retailers. 

Collaboration with recommerce providers

About You obtains its second-hand items exclusively from its co-operating partners Vite EnVogue and Mädchenflohmarkt, which count among the market leaders of fashion recommerce and offer mostly designer fashion. The “Second Love” range consists of around 250,000 items. The plans also foresee collaborating with other partners such as the vintage supplier VinoKilo. End consumers will also be able to send their own second-hand items to About You as part of circular fashion.

Authenticity and quality of good

The goods will  be inspected for authenticity and quality, About You said. The assortment includes items termed  "like new" as well as already worn clothing. About You was founded in 2014 by Tarek Müller, Hannes Wiese and Sebastian Betz as a subsidiary of the Otto Group and in 2018 became the first Hamburg Unicorn, i.e., an unlisted digital start-up with an estimated value of over USD 1 billion.