2 million passengers use Hamburg Airport this summer

250,000 passengers use "Slot & Fly" to book slot at security check
31 August 2023
Zugang zur Sicherheitskontrolle mit Slot and Fly

Almost 2 million passengers travelled through Hamburg Airport this summer. Around 55,000 passengers flew on more than 370 flights on the peak day alone (July 14, 2023). The aircraft were over 86 per cent full during the first two weeks of the summer holidays compared 83 per cent in 2019. Hamburg Airport is expecting a consistently high level of up to 350,000 travellers per week until the end of September. Compared to 2019, this comes to 85 to 90 per cent of the passenger volume.

250,000 passengers used "Slot & Fly"

"During the summer holidays, we noticed clearly that private travellers - including families - prefer to fly to their holiday destination," said Katja Bromm, Head of Communications at Hamburg Airport. Spain, the Greek islands and Turkey were particularly popular. The "Slot & Fly“ service meant operations were smoother. More than 250,000 passengers have used the service to book a time slot for the security checkpoint since April. Every fourth suitcase is checked in flexibly via a baggage machine and the online check-in service is used.