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Synergeticon connects factory workers and machines

Startup SERIES - Part 7: Industry 4.0 innovation may appeal to other sectors - used mainly in aviation so far

Synergeticon, a Hamburg-based start-up, is developing, a clever assistance systems for factory workers, which has so far been used mainly in aviation. Daniel Erdelmeier and David Küstner founded Synergeticon GmbH. Both studied manufacturing engineering at the RWTH Aachen University and now have three more team members since. Proximity to leading figures in aviation means Hamburg is an ideal location for the company.

Intuitive handling and avoiding errors

“The factory worker needs information about target values and tolerances before getting approval to install components. More information is also generated when measuring. Our assistance system searches for the required information e.g. in SAP orders or manuals and receives the values from connected measuring instruments and gives workers feedback immediately”, says Küstner. The assistance system can be handled using a tablet interface which eases the workload and avoids errors during the process.

Advice from TU Startup Dock und Airbus-Coaches

Synergeticon has already reached Airbus BizLab’s accelerator programme thanks to its potential for use in aviation. For six months, the duo has been coached at Airbus and had the opportunity to present their product to investors and leading executives. The programme is due to end in a few weeks and Küstner is content: “We met the right people easily in Airbus and then had a very different standing.”

The founders of Synergeticon also had the support of the Startup Dock at the TUHH, where they gained contacts when completing their theses at Lufthansa Technik AG. Their start-up counts among the success stories, Christoph Ihl, Academic Director of the Startup Dock, told Hamburg News in an interview. The duo is receiving legal advice and help finding staff from the Startup Dock.

Use in shipbuilding and wind energy

So far, Synergeticon’s Industry 4.0 application has been individually customized to meet clients’ needs. Now, the duo aims to make the system available as a finished product. Then, an integrated assistant will show customers how to configure the system for their own industrial processes. Erdelmeier and Küstner are also eyeing potential clients in shipbuilding and the wind energy sectors where manual processes are still in use unlike car-making.

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