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Summer Camps: Hamburg Promotes Technology to Adolescents

In Hamburg summer school holidays, 54 youngster aged 14 and older will once again have to chance to discover the fascination of aviation and renewables

In the first week of Hamburg’ summer school holiday, 54 young people aged 14 and older will be able to gain hands-on insights into different areas of the aerospace and renewable energy industry and their professions.

Offered by the Fascination of Technology Club

The summer camps “Fascination of Flying” and “Renewables” is offered by Hamburg’s “Fascination of Technology Cub” in co-operation with six companies in the aviation sector and four companies in the sector of renewable energies. It will take place20-24 July from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at HAW Hamburg. To register, please refer to the website of the Fascination of Technology Club at www.faszination-fuer-technik.de. The cost of the five-day summer camp from day 10 to 16 clock is 60 euro, and 50 euro for club members.

Lectures, Workshops, and Company Visits

What will be the programme of the camps? Mornings and afternoons will feature a well-balanced mix of lectures, workshops, and company visits. At the summer camp on flying, the teen will be working at HAE Hamburg for three days, focusing in seminars and laboratories on topics such as aerodynamics in the wind tunnel, vibration theory and the advantages and disadvantages of materials. On the remaining two days, they will be able to practical insights into aircraft overhaul and production by company visits of, for instance, AEROTEC Engineering, Airbus, Hamburg Airport, FTO Nord Aviation Services, Flight Deck Systems, Labinal, and Lufthansa Technik. There, they will be able to look over the shoulders of engineers designing cabin elements and will be guided through various test and production halls, where they will see aircraft at close, try their hands at workshops, and get to know everything about ballooning and the career as a pilot.

Merging Theory and Hands-On Experiences

Also at the “Renewables” summer camp, three days a dedicated to research and training at HAW Hamburg, where seminars and lab sessions will address topics such as wind energy, and photovoltaics,. Also, participants will be able to self-test how efficiently they use energy at home. energy. Two days are scheduled for company visits of E.ON Hanse, Hamburger Hochbahn AG, Shell Global Solutions Germany, and Vattenfall to gain insights into a pumped storage power plant and a “Power to Gas” – system. There, they will learn, which fuels and lubricants are being used in today’s and tomorrow’s mobility, and which innovative drive technologies are available for green bus operations. On Friday afternoon, both camps will focus on training and study opportunities.

Huge Support

The summer camp on aviation is supported by AEROTEC Engineering, Airbus, Hamburg Airport, HAW Hamburg, FTO Nord Aviation Services, Flight Deck Systems, Labinal, Lufthansa Technik. E.ON Hanse AG, Hamburger Hochbahn AG, HAW Hamburg, Shell Global Solutions Germany GmbH and Vattenfall are partners of the renewables camp.

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