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New Showcase for Regional Art at Hamburg Airport

Art at the airport: the newly designed waiting area of the gates C09-14 is now a showcase for regional artists from the metro region

In addition to an unparalleled view of the apron, passengers waiting at the gates of section C are not able to enjoy art exhibits. The renovation of the waiting area at the pier not only brought along improved quality and comfort, but also new options to enjoy the time prior to take-off.

“Colours of Dance” Opens Exhibition Series

Passengers waiting in front the gates C09-14 for departure, now have a selection of choices: to watching operations on the apron through large windows from the bistro tables, to work a comfy bar tables or to explore regional arts from the Hamburg metro region in temporary art exhibitions. As the first group of artists, the MALIMU Kulturverein e.V. from Norderstedt is currently presenting its group exhibition “Dance of Colours”.

Enrichment for Passengers and Artists

Part of the exhibition is an eponymous, full-size image, which was acquired from the airport and will be on permanent display in the waiting area. The royalties in the amount of 2,000 euro were donated by the artist group MALIMU to the parish of Harksheide in Norderstedt in order to support a refugee project. “We are pleased to offer a forum for regional art at our C gates. Both sides will benefit: the variety of art will embellish the waiting area, while artists will benefit from presenting their work in an unusual environment”, explains Anke Redeker from the project team at Hamburg Airport. Interested artists and initiatives from the region can apply to participate in the exhitions by sending an e-mail to kunst@ham.airport.de.

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