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New training centre for firefighters at Hamburg Airport

Modern fire simulation system to allow training for emergency. Hamburg Airport invests EUR 7.5 million on expanding firefighting system

The management of Hamburg Airport and the airport’s fire department inaugurated Tuesday (May 10th) a new training centre allowing firefighters to train for an emergency in realistic conditions. At the centre of the new facility are two 40-foot containers in which various scenarios using real fire can be simulated. Hamburg Airport intends to expand the fire system by autumn 2016 – an investment of around EUR 7.5 million, sources said.

Simulating a fire in the cockpit

Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport, said: “Safety in aviation is a top priority for us. That means that our firefighters must be optimally equipped.” The simulating system used by firefighters at Frankfurt am Main airport had to be borrowed for regular and realistic tests until now, he added.

The two containers resemble an aircraft with doors, space for on-board luggage, rows of seats, galleys, toilets, chassis and engines. “The detailed equipment will allow us to simulate a fire in the cockpit, burning engines, a fire in the luggage compartment or near the seats and we can practise extinguishing fires,” said Thomas Barke, head of Hamburg Airport’s fire department.

Four new carports

Now that the fire simulation system is operational, work on extending the firefighters’ headquarters at the airport is also underway. Another 700-square metre building with room for four new carports, a modern mission control centre and various common rooms and garages is being built as well.

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About Hamburg Airport's Fire Department

Around 80 full-time firefighters work at Hamburg Airport. More than 16 vehicles including four type “Z8” airport crash tenders with water tanks that can hold 12,400 litres each are in use at the airport. Firefighters are alerted around 2,000 times annually and ambulance missions top the statistics. Firefighters also have to deploy when fire detectors sound the alarm many of which prove false. More information can be found on: www.hamburg-airport.de

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