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Renate Matthei, Staatssekretär Jo Dreiseitel, Dr. Tanja Zeeb, Dr. Jörg Merlein und Barbara Kohl, Präsidentin von Soroptimist International Deutschland (ProTechnicale)

More women in engineering

Hamburg-based proTechnicale wins Soroptimist Prize 2017 - attracting women to technical professions

The Hamburg-based proTechnicale accepted Monday (March 20) the biennial Soroptimist Deutschland award worth EUR 20,000 for its efforts towards promoting women in society. Commenting on the decision, Barbara Kohl, President of Soroptimist International Deutschland, said: “proTechnicale is a project that opens up and expands horizon. Young women are encouraged to opt for technical and scientific courses of study and professions. They have an opportunity to set up a network between industry and university and to develop their own personalities.” The prize money is to go towards full-time scholarships and personal development workshops in philosophy, rhetoric and improvisational theatre.

proTechnicale’s concept

proTechnicale offers young women a voluntary year focusing on technology. The 11-month programme includes choosing and preparing a technical course of study e.g. in aerospace, renewable energies or any other engineering profession. Women are encouraged to enhance their technical skills and to link up early with industry as well as universities and colleges and women in technical professions. The programme also includes basic scientific courses at technical colleges, an introduction to elementary engineering skills as well as national and international internships.

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