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Lufthansa Technik Launches New VIP Cabin Concept

Company responds to demand for special levels of luxury

Lufthansa Technik has further increased its product portfolio of VIP cabin concepts for a price-sensitive customer clientele and is now offering its “Executive Shuttle” concept with an airline interior for the Airbus
A320 and Boeing 737 product families.

Based on enquiries from various potential VIP customers, the “Executive Shuttle” concept offers a large variety of cabin designs for executive shuttle services within a manageable budget. Lufthansa Technik’s Creative Design department has developed 20 different cabin layouts for both aircraft families, ranging from an all-business/first-class configuration to more sophisticated versions with sleeping options, meeting and dining areas or private rooms.

Demand for a more exclusive on-board atmosphere

Walter Heerdt, Senior Vice President VIP & Executive Jet Solutions at Lufthansa Technik, is excited about the launch. “We see a concrete demand for our ‘Executive Shuttle’ concept,” he said. “Prospective customers from different regions are looking for possibilities to offer their special guests an exclusive on-board ambience while using the aircraft for their executive shuttle service. At the same time, the interior design and completion of these executive shuttles must stay within the bounds of a reasonable financial investment. We think that our concept fulfils these customer requirements exactly. It also could be used to give a second life to pre-owned narrow-body aircraft, making partial use of refurbished existing airline cabin interior.”

Cooperating with experienced partners

Given the expected high interest level in the Executive Shuttle concept in Asia, Lufthansa Technik will cooperate with Asian Sky Group, a well-established aviation consulting company in the Asia-Pacific. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong but has a significant presence through the region.

“The Executive Shuttle concept and price-point is based on a pre-owned aircraft, either B737 or A320. Asian Sky Group’s expertise in evaluating and acquiring pre-owned aircraft will therefore be an important support feature for Asian customers. Asian Sky Group looks forward to working with Lufthansa Technik on this exciting product”, says Jeffrey C. Lowe, General Manager, Asian Sky Group.

Lufthansa Technik offers configurations from 20 to 52 passengers for the Airbus A320 family and 20 to 56 passengers for the Boeing 737 family. The turn-around time for the cabin refurbishment will range from two to six months, depending on the selected interior variant. The refurbishment will be carried out at Lufthansa Technik’s VIP completion centers.

Expanding the portfolio with “Executive Shuttle”

The “Executive Shuttle” is the latest move in Lufthansa Technik’s ongoing campaign to increase its product portfolio for a price-sensitive customer clientele. At EBACE 2014, Lufthansa Technik already launched “Leadership Select”, a modular cabin concept for Airbus and Boeing narrow-body aircraft.

“Leadership Select” offers a large variety of configurations and is mission-optimised in terms of cabin interior weight, seating comfort, sufficient stowage volume and the integration of client-oriented features for maximum comfort and usability, such as a king size bed, vanity table, master bathroom with full size shower and a private office.

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