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Lufthansa Technik Installs Split Scimitar Winglets on a BBJ

Premiere in Europe: Lufthansa Technik AG is the first company in Europe to have equipped a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) with novel "Split Scimitar Winglets"

Lufthansa Technik AG is the first MRO provider in Europe to have installed split scimitar winglets on a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ). With this modification, the aircraft is the third BBJ in the world to be equipped with these new, aerodynamically optimised winglets from Aviation Partners Boeing.

The modification took place over a period of ten days. Among other things, the specialists at Lufthansa Technik’s VIP & Executive Jet Maintenance product division reinforced various areas on the inside of the aircraft’s structure, particularly in the wing tanks, in order to install the winglets. They also carried out complex painting tasks.

Kerosene Savings & Wider Range

The customer was very satisfied: “The results met my expectations completely. This was a new task for Lufthansa Technik, and the company fulfilled it on schedule and in high quality. Even the new paint on the wingtips where the installation took place was adapted optimally to the complex existing color scheme.” The new winglets have been on the market since early 2014. They enable kerosene savings of 2.2 per cent and thus increase the aircraft’s range.

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