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Lufthansa Technik to co-operate with Starbust Accelerator start-up

Aviation turning to founder's scene for impetus. Lufthansa Technik hopes to gain contacts to 150 start-ups in Europe and over 100 in U.S.

Lufthansa Technik AG announced Friday in Hamburg a decision to co-operate with Starbust Accelerator to boost and strengthen ties with innovative start-ups in the aerospace sector. Starbust has a wide range of potential future collaborations as it has access to 150 start-ups in Europe and 100 in the U.S., that focus on aerospace.

Joint projects and investments

Dr. Helge Sachs, Head of Corporate Innovation Management and Product Development at Lufthansa Technik, noted: “Starburst helps Lufthansa Technik as well as Lufthansa Group to co-operate with start-ups in the aviation industry in the local, European and global innovation ecosystems.” All kinds of collaborations ranging from initial ideas for new technologies right up to conducting joint projects and investments could be set up.

Innovations with real added value

Starbust has branches in Paris, Munich, Los Angeles and Singapore and runs an accelerator programme for innovative start-ups and companies that specialise in aviation. Starbust wishes to offer a platform in Europe, North America and Asia allowing start-ups and investors in industry to come together and exchange ideas.

François Chopard, Founder of Starburst, said: “We are very happy to welcome Lufthansa Technik in our Starburst ecosystem as we think our start-ups will find various applications within the product divisions of Lufthansa Technik and together they can create real value-added innovations.”

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