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Studierende der HAW Hamburg im HAWings-Team 2016 © Neues Fliegen e.V.

International student competition for aircraft of the future

Students to present self-developed flight models at Stade airport

The second “New Flying Competition” by the student association Neues Fliegen e.V. gets underway Friday at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences HAW (September 21-24, 2018). Teams come from China, Mexico, the Czech Republic and Germany will compete against each other using self-developed aircraft or so-called “technology demonstrators”. The aircraft must meet certain technical specifications and pass an expert jury.

International and innovative

“The aim of the competition is to test new technologies, which is why they differ clearly from present model aircraft,” said Prof. Dr. Detlef Schulze, mentor to Neues Fliegen e.V. The “HAWings” team will represent HAW Hamburg. The sponsors include aviation giants such as Lufthansa Technik, the ZAL Center for Applied Aviation Research and Hamburg Aviation among others.

Extensive presentation

During design and development, the competitors had to take an automatic span enlargement into account and have to complete a demanding flight program during the contest. The expert judges will also take advance design reports and videos into account. The students had to shoot humorous videos that explain technical connections in an entertaining way.

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