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HCAT - New Talent Forge of Hamburg's Aviation Industry

Practice, tuition, and research: the Hamburg Centre of Aviation Training is a novel training co-operation of industry partners, educational institutions, and local authorities unique in Europe.

Hamburg is Europe’s leading centre for initial and advanced training in aeronautical engineering. A core element created is the Hamburg Centre of Aviation Training HCAT. The co-operate training facility of the aviation industry, universities, and the State Technical School for Production Engineering and Aircraft Technology provides demand-oriented qualification and practice-oriented university tuition.

Unique in Europe: Joint training of schools, companies, and universities

As a unique place of learning, HCAT combines educational, occupational and academic tuition and training in the fields of technology avionics/electronics, cabi/cabin systems, and modern manufacturing processes/new materials (CFRP). The College for Manufacturing and Aircraft Engineering G15, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW) as well as Lufthansa Technical Training and Airbus Operations will be sharing all laboratories and workshops of HCAT and exchange their know-how in teaching, research and practice.

A forge of experts

Hamburg has a high demand for skilled workers, as the metropolitan area is Germany’s largest and the world’s third largest site of civil aircraft industry. A HCAT, the demand is met by a training co-operation unique in Europe, which is ever-adapting to the latest developments. Hamburg’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Transport, and Innovation, Frank Horch, says: “Many locations around the world envy us for our HCAT. With this centre, Hamburg set a benchmark in the collaboration of practice, teaching and research. From vocational orientation to the support of young research talent, HCAT and its partners set new standards for corporate HR, while simultaneously giving educational impulses.” HCAT provides an excellent base to meet the technological and HR-related challenges of tomorrow. .

Impulses for future development

The Hamburg Senate thus to bundle all operational task in a new registered association with full-time management operated jointly by industrial and educational partners to secure and strengthen Hamburg’s reputation as an innovative center for the development of aeronautical expertise. Hamburg will thus receive additional impetus for the future development not only from the aviation industry.

Early co-operation in projects

“As it combines universities, vocational schools, companies, and other educational institutions of the aviation industry in North Germany under one innovative roof, HCAT is an important pillar in education and training for Airbus”, statesJan Balcke, training co-ordinator Airbus Operations.

“The HCAT represents a significant asset to the education of future engineers and trainees. By merging study and training under the roof of the learning co-operation HCAT, our students can already exchange ideas with fellow students while working togeher on joint projects, for instance in HCAT’s laboratories for cabin and cabin systems”, adds Prof Dr Detlef Schulze, Head of the Department of Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering at HAW Hamburg.

Solid finacing

As main funder, the Hamburg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport and Innovation covers more than two thirds of the building investment. As a cluster of excellence project, the interior of the cabin laboratory is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The Hamburg Institute of Vocational Education finances the operation of HCAT, and Lufthansa Technical Training and Airbus Operations workshops and equipment

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Behörde für Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Innovation

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