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Hamburg highlighting future of aviation

Top fairs, innovative research and forward-looking drone technology

Record passenger numbers used Hamburg Airport for their holiday or business travel in 2017 and surpassed the 17 million mark for the first time. Futurologists have predicted enormous growth in aviation in view of rising passenger numbers, more successful airports and longer flights. Around 40,000 people are employed in Hamburg’s aviation sector making the city the third biggest global aviation centre and the world’s top location in terms of cabins.

February: Hamburg Aviation BarCamp

The ZAL TechCenter in Finkenwerder will host a third Hamburg Aviation BarCamp under the theme of co-operations on February, 20, 2018*. Barcamps are user-generated conferences that focus on technology and the web. Delegates provide the content at these open, participatory workshop-events. Instead of keynote speeches and fixed agendas, delegates present their ideas in diverse sessions in the hope of input and finding solutions. The event is being held jointly by Hamburg Aviation, Avcon and the Supply Chain Initiative.

Aircraft Interiors Expo & Crystal Cabin Award from April 10-12

The Aircraft Interiors Expo, the world’s leading event for airlines, showcases the latest technologies and products for cabin interiors, in-flight entertainment and passenger comfort is likely to be another highlight when it launches from April 10-12, 2018. More than 500 exhibitors from all corners of the globe will present the latest trends in aircraft interiors – from seats and in-flight entertainment systems to on-board Wi-Fi, lighting concepts and galley kitchens. The winners of the Crystal Cabin award will be announced during the Aircraft Interiors Expo on April 10, 2018. This year, around 20,000 professional visitors are expected. A luxurious, comfortable cabin interior that makes optimum use of space and weight can prove crucial. Aircraft cabins are costly and usually renewed around five times in the lifespan of an aircraft. Think of a cabin in terms of rent for an apartment – rent for such a cabin can amount to some EUR 1,400 per square metre!

Commercial use of drones

Drone technology holds vast potential e.g. for the maintenance of wind turbines or in the construction industry. Many tasks can be carried out faster, more cost effectively and more safely. Last June, the Wirtschaftliche Nutzung von Drohnen in Metropolregionen/Commercial Usage of Drones in Metropolitan Areas (WiNDroVe) project launched in the ZAL TechCenter to research the potential of drone technology. Sponsored by the SME innovation forum of the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), “Innovationsforum Mittelstand”, the project is analysing and developing the framework for the commercial usage of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Hamburg is an ideal testing ground as the city hosts many established industries such as logistics, aviation and renewable energies. The city also has the advantage of short distances, which are a decisive factor, especially in densely populated areas. Initial findings were expected in late 2017 and the first applications will follow in 2018.

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