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Hamburg Aviation With Job Vacancies

Hamburg aviation cluster integrates job offer of the metropolitan region into its website

Hamburg Aviation now also offers aviation-related jobs on its website offered by members of the cluster or located in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. You will find all vacancies in the careers section. The new service is offered in co-operation with the leading German aviation platform www.airliners.de

On Hamburg Aviation website www.hamburg-aviation.com, internship, training, and job topics have always encountered great interest. Thus, we are delighted to to have entered the co-operation with Airliners to offer job vacancies that will add value to our platform”, says Lukas Kirchner, responsible for the marketing of the Aviation Cluster Hamburg.

Targeted Search

Job seekers visiting the website of the Hamburg Aviation cluster will find a comprehensive overview of vacancies in the aviation industry. A keyword search as well as various criteria, such as employment and contract, allow to precisely define the search for jobs offered by members of the aviation cluster and companies in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.

Listings Also from Other Job Platforms

In addition to offers published on www.airliners.de, the new career market by Hamburg Aviation also features aviation-related job postings by online job markets such as Monster, Stepstone, stellenanzeigen.de, and Jobware.
This makes the career section by Hamburg Aviation a one-stop platform for all seeking employment in the aviation industry.

Special Rates For Members

Member companies of Hamburg Aviation will als benefit from the co-operation, as they will be offered special conditions to place their ads. Placements for job offers at both Hamburg Aviation and airliners. de start at 65 Euro for a presentation period of 30 days.

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About Hamburg Aviation

Hamburg Aviation is the aviation industry cluster for the Hamburg Metropolitan Region – one of the world’s most important locations in the civil aviation industry with more than 40,000 highly qualified staff working on the future of aviation. Their core competencies cover the complete life cycle of an aircraft from the design to assembly and outfitting, to maintenance, repair and overhaul, and finally to recycling. In the third-biggest location of the civil aviation industry worldwide, the industry’s two giants, Airbus and Lufthansa Technik, are joined by Hamburg Airport and more than 300 small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as a variety of scientific and technological institutions. Companies, universities, associations, the economic authority and other partners have come together to form Hamburg Aviation, a cluster dedicated to advancing the city as an aviation location. Together they pursue a common goal: to network research and development, thereby bringing to market high-quality products and services for the aviation of the future – products that are good for passengers and set the standards in terms of resource protection. With these visions bundled in “New Flying” strategy, the network was honoured in 2008 as a cluster of excellence by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research. In 2014, Hamburg Aviation was granted the gold label by the the ECEI initiative of the European Commission one of the best-managed clusters in Europe.

About airliners.de

With around 2.2 million page views and 755,000 visits per month (IVW), airliners.de the leading German-speaking aviation portal that reflects key industry issues. The portal reaches 190,000 readers (AGOF). Almost 70 per cent of readers are professionally associated with flying. In addition, airliners.de operates a large job market for vacancies in aviation, logistics, and tourism. Furthermore, airliners.de is also active in various other business areas such as e-commerce, publishing, consulting and conception. Last but not least, airlines is also active as a sourcing agency.
(source: www.airliners.de)

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