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Absichtserklärung synthetisches Kerosin: v.l.n.r. Jürgen Wollschläger, Thorsten Luft, Michael Eggenschwiler © Michael Penner

Hamburg Airport to use synthetic kerosene

Raffinerie Heide GmbH and Deutsche Lufthansa AG sign Memorandum of Understanding

The Heide refinery and Deutsche Lufthansa AG in Hamburg signed a Memorandum of Understanding Thursday (February 14, 2019) on the production and use of synthetic kerosene. The agreement marks a significant investment in future-orientated, environment-friendly produced synthetic kerosene. Hamburg Airport is a partner to the co-operation.

Flying with environment-friendly fuel

Raffinerie Heide has been involved in the KEROSyN100 research project since last summer. The project aims to produce renewable kerosene by using of surplus and regionally generated wind energy . “Climate-friendly air traffic is an important goal for the Lufthansa Group. All the more reason for me to be pleased that Raffinerie Heide, as a local and innovative provider at Hamburg Airport, is now working on the introduction of sustainable alternative fuel with short transport routes,” said Thorsten Luft, Vice President of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

Regionally manufactured product

Commenting on the airport’s involvement in the project, Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport, said: “Alternative, green fuels are a core concern for the airport. We have been using synthetic diesel fuel very successfully for over two years in our diesel vehicles on the apron. We switch consistently to alternative energies where we can. The use of renewable fuel for aircraft is a further step in the right direction, which we support and accompany out of conviction.”

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