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Hamburg Airport details G20's impact on air traffic

Hamburg Airport answers FAQ surrounding G20 summit

Hamburg Airport published Friday a list of answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) in the run-up to the G20 summit from July 7-8, 2017 in Hamburg when the city will be at the centre of world media attention. Most delegates will be arriving at Hamburg Airport and passengers should expect some restrictions. The following answers some of the most pressing questions.

What does the G2 mean for Hamburg Airport?

The huge summit poses a special challenge for the airport and staff. An “airport within the airport” is being set up to manage scheduled air services and special G20 flights simultaneously. Tighter security controls will be in place to coincide with the arrival of many heads of state and governments.

Are there restrictions on arrivals and departures at the airport?

Tighter security will be in place on special routes for high-ranking guests. Hamburg’s police, federal police and police from other German states are responsible for security. Details of all routes and possible roadblocks en route to Hamburg Airport have not yet been announced. Passengers are advised to plan well ahead and to expect slightly longer trips to the airport.

Are there more checks during the G20 summit?

The highest level of security will be in place across Hamburg for the arriving heads of state and governments. Police in Hamburg are responsible for the security concept and will decide on the various measures. Security checks at Hamburg Airport will adhere to highest standards. Additional passenger checks are not planned at present. An overview can be found on: www.hamburg-airport.de

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