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Hamburg Airport Reports New Passenger Record

Hub of the north with good results for 2014. The vision for 2015: 15 million passengers

Hamburg Airport finished the 2014 financial year with a good result of 40.2 million euro. It was significantly higher than 2013’s 37.3 million euro. The turnover of 2014 totalled 271.3 million euro after 2013’s 254.5 million euro. Throughout the year, 14.76 million passengers used Hamburg Airport. This represents 9.3 perc ent growth and a new passenger record for the Airport.

44 Maiden Flights In 2014

“Hamburg Airport successfully met the challenges of the year 2014. The airlines have recognised the strength of the Hamburg market and intensified their activity in the city. This is reflected in a strong result,” said Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport, at the annual result press conference. “Hamburg Airport has an established position in the route networks of many airlines. We saw a total of 44 maiden flights in 2014, more than in any year to date. The Hamburg timetable is thus characterised by variety and by an ever-growing list of destinations to choose from for all north German passengers.”

51.8 Million Euro Invested Into The Future

The bright mood of the German economy had a positive impact on the aviation industry. Lower unemployment led to growing consumer confidence and thus to increased propensity to travel. With investments of 51.8 million euro (+30.2 per cent), the airport is also clearly focussed on its own future. The largest projects were the P1 multi-storey car park and the replacement for the Air Cargo Center.

h2.New Record: 14.76 Million Passengers

Compared to the previous year, Hamburg Airport recorded a 9.3 per cent growth in passenger figures to 14.76 million persons. Aircraft movements grew by seven per cent to 153,876. Due to the improved utilisation of aircraft by a higher load factor, the number of aircraft movements remained on 1997’s level, when only approx. 8.7 million passengers passed through Hamburg Airport. Passengers per flight increased to 107 compared to 1997’s 71 passengers per flight. Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport, points to the success in the airport’s chosen path in regard to reduced noise pollution. “Larger and more modern aircraft with better load factors have a positive effect on noise pollution in the surrounding area. Compared to 1997, the result for last year was 35 per cent less noise with 70 per cent more passengers and the same number of aircraft movements. These are quite impressive numbers.”

40,400 Passengers Per Day

On average, 40,400 passengers each day passed through Hamburg Airport in 2014, with a daily average of 422 aircraft movements (211 take-offs and 211 landings). Flown air freight rose by 2.3 per cent to around 28,948 tonnes, whilst air freight shipped by road declined by 34 per cent to 24,770 tonnes due to the relocation of Lufthansa to Norderstedt.

Outlook for 2015: continued growth and more variety

Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport, views 2015 with optimism.“The new financial year will bring a great deal of positives. For the passenger, there are many new routes, meaning more choice. And our neighbours can continue to depend on the airport’s reliability and transparency. Hamburg Airport has already had a good start to the year 2015, with 6.3 per cent passenger growth over the first two months of the year. In total, the airport is expecting more than 15 million passengers in 2015.”

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