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First Green Mobility Conference

Aviation meets logistics: Hamburg to host first cross-sector conference on synergies of aviation and logistics with focus on green and sustainable innovation

On 24 November, i.e. next Monday, Hamburg will be the host of the city’s first Green Mobility Conference. The conference aims to identify synergies existing between aviation and logistics industry, and to make better use of them in future. Key objectives are environmentally friendly innovations.

Environmental Technology With Double Benefit

Energy-efficient engines, lighter aircraft structures, alternative fuels, and advanced electric equipment of vehicles is of great importance both for aviation and logistics ito improve the efficiency and the environmental impact of passenger and freight transport. With enhanced technologies coupled improved operational practices, not only negative environmental aspects could be reduced, but also competitiveness be increased.

International Participation

A starting point for future EU co-operation projects, lectures at the conference will be held from experts in seven European countries, working at renowned companies and institutions such as Airbus, Lufthansa LEOS, Stichting Energy Valley, The French Civil Aviation University (ENAC), TU Delft, The Hellenic Institute of Transport, Clean Sky, and many more. In addition to state of the art presentations, the event will provide for networking and b2b meetings amongst actors interested in co-operation, business development, and future H2020 projects Until 10 November 2014, 110 participant from 15 countries have already registered for the launch edition of the Green Mobility Conference.

Organisers of the conference are Hamburg Aviation and CARE consortium in co-operation with the Logistics Initiative Hamburg, Enterprise Europe Network, the Investment and Funding Bank of Hamburg, and the BEAWARE project.

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