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Faszination Technik Klub attracts youths to aviation

Youths introduced to technology issues during flight day - more events planned

The Faszination Technik Klub e.V. is holding a campaign day at HAW Hamburg on February 3 to promote flying. Exhibitors include companies, firms, colleges and universities and will feature laboratories for experiments and taking part in the fun. School classes can attend talks and a speed dating round to get to know firms. Lectures, workshops, an overview of third-level courses of study and career guidance for various age groups will also be available.

Practices days in firms and colleges

The event is being backed by Airbus, the Authority for Economic Affairs, Traffic and Innovation, Hamburg Aviation and Lufthansa Technik. The partners include DLR_Schoollab, Fledermauszentrum Bad Segeberg, Flightdecksystems GmbH, Hamburger Aeroclub Boberg e.V., HAW Hamburg, Heinkel Group, MINT and Nordmetall with Miniphänomenta.

The Faszination Technik Klub has scheduled several events in 2017 to attract children and youths to technical professions. The club will hold so-called “Flying Fascination – Practice Days” from February 13 – March 2, 2017 at firms and colleges. Girl’s Day on March 17 will highlight professions in the port and aviation for girls. The club will hold the “Flying Fascination Summer Camp” from July 24-28, 2017 with a mix of talks, workshops and tours of companies for youths.

Electrical engineering, renewable energies and games

Firms, colleges and universities, associations, the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg and authorities across the Hamburg Metropolitan Region are offering technology-related events for children and youths as part of the Faszination Technik Klub. The programme includes events in aviation, shipping, electrical engineering, renewable energies and games

Sources and further information:
Events in 2017: www.faszination-fuer-technik.de/KlubFolder_2017.pdf

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