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Direct flight from Hamburg to Iran starts

Twice-weekly flight to Tabriz marks revival of Silk Road

Iran’s Qeshm Airlines celebrated operating Friday (July 14, 2017) the start of a twice-weekly flight from Hamburg Airport to Tabriz – a brand new destination in the network. Hamburg is the only European destination with a direct flight from Tabriz, northwest Iran. “The new connection between Hamburg and Tabriz has great economic potential,” says Michael Eggenschwiler CEO of Hamburg Airport, adding. “It offers new possibilities, not only for tourism and ethnic traffic, but also for business travel and cargo. The new service is also contributing to a revival of the original Silk Road — once one of the world’s most important trade routes.”

Economic relations along Silk Road

Tabriz is the capital of East Azerbaijan province. The city has a population of over 2.2 million and is one of Iran’s biggest cultural centres. Tabriz used to lie on the famed Silk Road and is an important commercial hub. The new flight is likely to help revive the original Silk Road the western end of which is Hamburg. Tabriz is a key industrial hub for automobiles, tools, refineries, petrochemicals, textiles and cement production industries. The city is also famous for handicrafts including hand-woven rugs and jewellery. Many of the Hamburg-based oriental carpet companies, characteristic of Speicherstadt, hail from Tabriz or do business there. The new flight will open up new business opportunities for companies in Hamburg and north Germany especially in freight transport. Dr. Rolf Strittmatter, Managing Director of the Hamburg Business Development Corporation (HWF), said: “There is a long tradition of good relations between Iran and Hamburg. Iranians lived in the Hanesatic city as early as the late 18th century. I am certain that the new connection will give passengers an interesting impression of Iran and Hamburg’s economic and tourist centres,” said

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Tabriz is likely to attract many culture fans and tourists from Hamburg. The Bazaar of Tabriz is one of the world’s largest, covered markets and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010. Famous buildings include the Blue Mosque and the Saheb ol Amr mosque. The Museum of Azerbaijan and the El-Goli Park are also popular visitor draws.

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