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Flying High at HafenCity

Hamburg boast a new attraction for aviation enthusiasts at its world heritage "Speicherstadt": be a pilot at its two brand new flight simulators

“When taking off, the seats will begin to vibrate. The engines roar, and before touching down, the landing gear will retract”: with these words, “ Walter Weyers, executive director of Your Cockpit, describes the flying experience with the Airbus flight simulator. On 10 October 2015, an A320 and a helicopter simulator were officially inaugurated at Ericusspitze 24 as the latest tourist attraction of HafenCity. “The Airbus simulator we offer allows everyone to experience flying an Airbus hands-on”, says Weyers.

24,000 Airports

Technical effects as well as by a special 3D software ensure an authentic flying experience. “Our 3D software allows the pilot in the cockpit of the A320 to chose to take off from 24,000 international airports. Also, weather and wind conditions can be set as desired”, explains the CEO. From the helicopter cockpit, too, the pilot will be able to benefit from an all-round visibility. Flying through deep gorges are also possible as well as rescue operations in the mountains, where the scenery – unlike the Airbus software – does not correspond to real landscapes.

The third largest civil aviation center

Your Cockpit has been operating a helicopter flight simulator in Cologne for six year, which was used by more than 10,000 amateur pilots. When considering expansion, thus Weyers, Hamburg was interesting due to its role as the world’s third largest centre after Seattle and Toulouse. Also, “The Airbus plant in Finkenwerder is an attraction for every aviation enthusiast,” says Weyers. Even the Bell UH-1D helicopter has a special connection to the Elbe city, where an identical model was operated as the rescue helicopter SAR 71-2006 in use and nicknamed “Anneliese”.

Co-ordination Skills

The flight simulators are open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. A two-hour flight experience in the A320 will cost 164 euro, for one hour in the cockpit, 87 euro will be chargeds. 30 minutes in the helicopter can be booked for 69 euro. Longer flight times are possible, but not recommended. According to Weyers: “Flying long hours is very stressful. Man flying on sight is very physical and requires a good hand-eye coordination.” Minimum size for enjoying the cockpit is 1.40 metres.

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Hamburg - The Place for Aviation

Next to Toulouse and Seattle, Hamburg is one the the world’s leading centres of aviation. At its site in Hamburg-Finkenwerder, Airbus is assembling the best-selling A320 family aircraft. Hamburg is also involved in the A380 and A350 programme. Lufthansa Technik AG (LHT), a global market leader in MRO and high in demand for the outfitting of VIP jets, is headquartered in Hamburg. Third big player in Hamburg is Hamburg Airport, where more than 14 million passengers per year start or end their trip. The competence network Luftfahrtstandort Hamburg is complemented by some 300 suppliers, research institutions, universities, and other institutes of higher education and colleges offering vocational training. In 2008, the Hamburg Aviation cluster has been recognised as a cluster of excellence by the German Ministry of Education and Research.

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