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ZAL TechCenter © ReGe Hamburg/ Martin Kunze

ZAL: a beacon for aviation in Hamburg

New building for Center of Applied Aeronautical Research (ZAL) complete. Official opening on March 7. Investment totals EUR 82.4 million

The mayor of Hamburg Olaf Scholz is set to open the new building for the Center of Applied Aeronautical Research (ZAL) on March 7, 2016. Following completion, the ZAL TechCenter, the technical research and development network of civil aviation, will move in under one roof and boost Hamburg as the third biggest location in civil aviation. ZAL is a joint undertaking by industry, science and senate. A total of EUR 82.4 million has been invested in the building.

ReGe Hamburg is completing the project for the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg as urban representative and will hand it over to users and tenants – the ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research GmbH.

ZAL to provide 600 research jobs

Scientists and developers will soon come together as equal partners in the new research centre. To this end, high quality test infrastructure, presentation rooms, office and laboratories and thus around 600 jobs for aviation and development have been created on 28,000 square metres in Hamburg-Finkenwerder. Senator Frank Horch, Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation said: “Hamburg’s aviation is getting a place with cutting-edge infrastructure in many future sectors to do research and development together. The ZAL TechCenter will be a centre of innovation for visionary ideas which will ultimately result in innovative, industrializable products for the aviation industry. Hamburg is thus getting a unique flagship as centre of aviation. It will be the envy of many worldwide competitors.”

All key aviation representatives present

Roland Gerhards, Managing Director of the ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research, said: “ZAL offers Hamburg a unique opportunity to establish a new kind of collaboration in aviation thereby securing the location in the long-term. The ZAL TechCenter will see applied aviation research in Hamburg become world class.” He added: “All the big names in local aviation – in industry, universities or research institutes – are represented in ZAL’s shareholder circle and will use the new infrastructure for joint innovation projects.”

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About the new building: ZAL TechCenter

The distinguishing feature of the building protrudes strikingly over the main entrance and to the waterfront and emphasises the open character of the ZAL network. The main building houses, for instance, the Fuel Cell Lab which offers consultancy, development and test services in the hydrogen and fuel cell technology sector.

In the virtual reality lab, a laboratory and presentation room, up to 30 people can watch 3D constructions and work on them. There are a total of six, high-end test infrastructures available in the ZAL TechCenter. They include an acoustic laboratory that is unique to Europe, and in which sound pressure in air traffic is simulated thus facilitating precise measurements of sound propagation. On the factory work floor, entire fuselages can be moved into the framework structures with lifting units.

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