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Aviation industry creates employment

631 new jobs • HCAT starts preliminary class • Northern German Air Trafffic concept

Northern Germany‘s air and space industry keeps on flying high, with Airbus alone fully booking until 2018 with 5.200 new jets in its order book. A survey by the trade union IG Metall Küste confirms the positive industry outlook. Nine out of the 13 companies with a total of 25,000 staff that participated in the survey expect improved order situations. Five of them announced to hire a total of 631 new employees. Since March 2012, staff figures were in-
creased by 1,574 people. High in demand is well-trained young personnel.

The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) and the vocational school for manufacturing and aviation technology (G 15) are thus currently testing a new tuition concept at the Hamburg Centre of Aviation Training (HCAT). Unlike with other preparatory courses, the credit points achieved during the so-called HCAT-Propädeutikum will be recognised in future degree studies. The Hamburg Ministery of Economy, Transport and Innvation finances the project.

To safeguard the development of air traffic in Northern Germany, the five northern coastal countries agreed on a common approach. Their agreement is backed by an expert evaluation. The North German airports have, so the bebegleitende opinion, have at least 2030 sufficient capacity.


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