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Airbus expands the career support for women in top-level positions

Also in 2014, women continue to play a marginal role in the most important economic decision-making processes in Germany’s largest companies. Only 5.5 per cent of executive board members in Germany’s top 200 companies are women. Even though the quota in management declined by 1.5 per cent to the previous year, the female presence on supervisory boards grew by 2.8 per cent to 24.7 per cent. There was hardly any change in the top 200 companies in comparison with previous years. The proportion of women in high-ranking positions in MDAX and SDAX companies is similarly low.

Gender-Equality ranking: Airbus on fourth position

In a ranking by the Federal Ministry For Family on gender equality, Airbus was ranked the country’s fourth best company in 2013. The Female Career Index features companies that offer fair opportunities for advancement for women and lists the country’s best companies with women in management positions.

Career schemes for female employees

Airbus is particularly committed to advancing women on all levels in the workplace. This year, the aircrafts’s target for women employees is 25 per cent. This figure is significantly higher than the proportion of female students on European aeronautical courses, which averages around 15 per cent. In Germany, only 132 out of 1,651 senior executives of Airbus Germany are female. With a quota of 7.9 per cent, and thus far below the company’s vision, Airbus introduced some new schemes in addition to the many training opportunities and support programmes that exist exclusively to female employees.

Talente Tool launched

Already in 2011, Thierry Baril, HR manager of EADS and Airbus, has launched the Women Promotion Program GROW (Growing Opportunities for Women) for female engineers. GROW offers to women a platform to develop a network and exchange ideas. The resulting talent pool will help to increase the number of female managers. Also in 2011, the Women’s Network F @ AIR was founded for talented women with the desire to take a leadership role.

Supporting female foremen

With the support program for industrial foremen launched in 2011, Airbus introduced a tool to support women in technical and industrial professions on their career path to management positions. Working full or part time, 24 women completed the first edition of the programme.

Corporate day care in Hamburg

According to Airbus, the reconciliation of work and family is a key essential for raising the figure of women in leadership positions. Flexible working time models are thus crucial, of course also for male employees. From part-time work to job-sharing options to flexible home office and telecommuting days, many solutions are possible. In addition, Airbus offers to its employees in Hamburg 150 day care positions, making the manufacturer one of the largest providers of corporate child care in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. In Stade, employees will find additional child care places, and further 14 at Buxtehude. Children’s holiday programmes complement the offer.

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except of this month’s edition of the Hamburg trade magazine Business & People

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