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Airbus-Standort in Hamburg-Finkenwerder © www.mediaserver.hamburg.de/Roberto Kai Hegeler

Airbus to build new service and welcome centre

EUR 60 million investment - factory tours for up to 120,000 visitors annually

Plans are being laid at Airbus to build a new service and welcome centre at a cost of EUR 60 million on a 17,000 square metre site in Hamburg-Finkenwerder. The building complex will give up to 120,000 visitors every year a glimpse behind the scenes. Airbus is one of Hamburg’s biggest employers with around 14,000 staff and is also a magnet for visitors. Around 65,000 people visit the production site in Hamburg every year where it has built aircraft for over 50 years.

Welcome Centre with hotel and gym

The previous entrance at the main east entrance was not designed to accommodate the number of visitors, suppliers and craftsmen, according to Airbus. A new building complex will be built near Neßdeich/Kreetslag. Dr. Andreas Dressel, Senator for Finance, said: “This is good news for Finkenwerder. The new service centre will strengthen the link between the district and Airbus.” Around 350 new jobs are to be created or secured during the project. The service and welcome centre will feature a restaurant, rooftop terrace, hotel, gym and supermarket, which is important when recruiting specialists and employees, the company said.

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