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The supervisory boards of HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation and Hamburg Marketing GmbH (HMG) have appointed Dr Rolf Strittmatter as managing of both companies. Strittmatter will take over these tasks from Dietrich von Albedyll, who has been heading the HWF as interim director in addition to his responsibilities as CEO of Hamburg Marketing and the Hamburg Tourism Board.

Successful Business Development for More Than 30 Years

On occasion of the appointment, Frank Horch, Minister of the Economy, Transport, and Innovation, said: „For more than 30 years, HWF has been a key player of Hamburg’s economic policy. Last year, we strengthened HWF by adding news tasks, and will continue to expand its activities even further in future. With Dr Rolf Strittmatter, we found an experienced business developer and expert location marketing expert, who will not only coin this process with his expertise, but also take the co-operation of HWF and HMG to new levels. Also, I hereby explicitly like to thank Dietrich von Albedyll, who, next to all his other functions, gave fresh impetus to HWF in the past 14 months under his interim management.“

Focus On Location Marketing

Location marketing already played an important role in Dr Strittmatter’s studies, with “Green City Management“ being the topic of his diploma paper as economic geographer at the University of Freiburg. His dissertation, honoured with summa cum laude, addressed the issue of “Regional Marketing In The European Union“. Following his studies in macroeconomics and Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Freiburg, Dr Strittmatter started his professional career as consultant of a Swiss initiative supporting start-ups in life sciences, where he focused on technology and innovation. During this time, Strittmatter also was Executive Secretary of “Friends of Massachusetts“ in Basel/Switzerland. In 2004, Strittmatter was entrusted with the management of the business development corporation of the rural districts of Lörrach und Waldshut in the southwest of Germany. In this function, Strittmatter initiated and directied the regional energy agency. In 2006, Dr Strittmatter was appointed as Chief Financial Officer of a globally successful, medium-sized medical technology company.

Expertise In Many Fields

In 2010, he qualified as professor/head of the degree programme business development at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Mannheim. Since 2011, Strittmatter has been the managing director of ZAB Zukunftsagentur Brandenburg GmbH. From the experiences gained there, particularly in the field of innovation and technology projects, foreign trade / European services, technology-oriented start-ups and trade fairs, Hamburg will surely benefit.
Dr Rolf Strittmatter is 44 years old, married, and father of three children.
Dr Rolf Strittmatter: „Hamburg is one of the most attractive business locations in Germany and Northern Europe. In the past 30 years, HWF has often been a positive example of successful business development. This tradition I am more than happy to continue, and to offer the best service for local companies with the team of HWF, while simultaneously attracting new companies to Hamburg.”

HWF Strengthened By New Tasks

Dr Strittmatter will be leading a HWF that has been significantly strengthened last year by new tasks:

► In 2014, HWF has undertaken decisive steps to expand its services in the marketing of commercial properties for local companies and new businesses.
► To provide additional premises for players of the logistics sector, Hamburg will expand its offers of municipally-owned premises by the development plan “Neuland 23”.
► Additional project approaches will be emerging form the development of Hamburg’s eastern districts and the advanced development of Hamburg’s south. Here, HWF will actively accompany the revitalisation and modernisation of Hamburg’s largest industrial area in Billbrook.
► In addition, it is planed to entrust HWF with the marketing of commercial or industrial areas in Hamburg’s seven district, including all contractual matters, provided the districts do not want to handle these matters themselves.
► In regard to acquisition, HWF will continue to focus its activities on clearly defined source markets and industries and cluster initiatives that show a strong presence and performance in Hamburg.

Successful Performance In 2014

Also in 2014, HWF worked with great success. In total, 97 companies were supported when setting up a new business in Hamburg or expanding existing activities. 4,100 jobs have thus been secured or newly created. 2014 was also the year when numerous international brands and players found their way to Hamburg. Next to the Airbus supplier Aircelle, and DeWind as the wind energy division of the Korean Daewoo group, also Kellogg, Sennheiser Streaming Technologies, Tesla, and Twitter set up a branch or a business in Hamburg.

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