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Business news of the metropolitan region

In Spain, every second young person is unemployed. In Hamburg, hundreds of apprenticeship positions are vacant. With not enough suitable applicants living in the Elbe metropolis to fill these positions, Hamburg‘s Employment Office, the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts and Trades, the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Family and Integration, and the organisation “Work & Life“ joined forces to recruit new apprentices in the EU states Spain, Portugal, and Greece. They are particularly welcomed by the craft sector.

At the start of the new training year in August, the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts and Trades still reported 519 training positions vacant. The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce experienced a similar situation, with 1,195 apprenticeships across all industry sectors and professions still listed as vacant in its online data base six week before the start of the new training term. Young apprentices are still highly wanted by Hamburg‘s hospital industry, banking institutes, in retail and the city‘s numerous insurers.

Hamburg‘s warm welcome to skilled workers from all over the world was also emphasised by a touring exhibition titled “Yes, we’re open – Welcome to Germany“, which was shown at the Museum of Labour. To fight the shortage of qualified labour, the Hamburg Senate also launched at respective programme in May. In the so-called “Pact against Skilled Labour Shortage“, the Hamburg Senate teamed up with the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Crafts and Trades, the employers association of Northern Germany and the German Federation of Trade Unions to actively recruit qualified staff abroad.

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