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© HHM - Jörg Pollmann, Frank Horch und Jens Meier

Hamburg inaugurates new nautical centre

After two years of construction, the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) has completed the work of the new nautical centre at Bubendeyufer. The new building was inaugurated by Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of the Economy, Transport, and Innovation, Jens Meier, Managing Director of the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA), and Port Captain Jörg Pollmann.

New headquarters of the Port of Hamburg

A substantial rise in traffic with ever larger container ships and the future-oriented development for competitive port of the future made the improvement of the technical, spatial planning and energy-related aspects necessary,” said Minister Frank Horch in its opening address. The nautical centre of the HPA is a centre piece of the Port of Hamburg. “From large container ships to small dinghies – nothing escapes staff of the nautical centre in the Port of Hamburg nothing.”

In the course of construction from January 2012 to June 2014, the centre was expanded and its technical equipment modernised to fit today’s demands of boaters and captains. “Today, it will be from one of the world’s most advanced traffic control centres, the nautical centre will monitor and co-ordinate the entire ship traffic in the Port of Hamburg”, explains Jens Meier, CEO of the Hamburg Port Authority. Simultaneously, the nautical centre one of the key elements in turning vision of the smart port into reality.



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