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More women in leadership positions: new equality act for Hamburg

Hamburg Senate wants to raise numbers of women in top positions in the public service and a better reconciliation of work and family life

The Hamburg Senate continues to actively promote equality between women and men in the public administration. It thus passed the draft of a new Hamburg law on equality between women and men in the public service and forwarded it to the Hamburg Parliament for discussion.

The future law applies to all 80,000 employees of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and to further 57,000 employees in public enterprises. It will replace the current Equality Act of 1991.

Both genders in view

One of several key innovations: In the future, not only women, but both sexes are taken into account.
Starting point for gender equality policy measures is the belonging to the under-represented sex. This is the case when women or men account for less than 40 per cent. Provided they possess the same qualifications, skills and professional performance, candidates of the under-represented sex will be preferred.

Qualified women will benefit from this act. Even though the percentage of females in leadership position was increased to 39 per cent in past years, women only account for 17 per cent in the B grade level.

“Equality is a win for all. The Hamburg Senate place a high emphasis on the equitable participation of women and men in all areas of life. Here, the state must set a best-practice as employer. We want more career opportunities for women, especially in manager and top positions, and a better reconciliation of work and family life – for both women and men. The new gender equality law increases both commitment and clarity. It provides a good basis to promote gender equity in the public service in the coming years”, said Jana Schiedek, Hamburg Minister of Justice and Equality.

Chancellery of the Hamburg Senate

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