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Companies from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region have until 31 October, 2014, to submit their entries for the coveted Logistics Initiative Hamburg Future Award. The winner will be announced on 1 December at a formal awards ceremony hosted by Dorothee Baer, the Federal Government’s Coordinator for Goods Transport and Logistics.

Focus on innovation

“The future has to be reinvented. All the time.” This is the challenge of logistics, a challenge that the last year’s winner of the Logistics Initiative Future Award faced and mastered. And now it’s on again, for the fourth time. The award is not restricted to technical innovations. Forward-looking infrastructure projects and customer-oriented product and process innovations within the field of logistics are also in the mix.

Award aims to promote cooperation

“Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are often not aware of how innovative they are. They are simply dealing with change,” says Dr Juergen Glaser, General Manager of Suederelbe AG and head of the southern office of the Logistics Initiative Hamburg. The Logistics Future Award is part of the Initiative’s effort to publicise innovative approaches from the region in the wider world and to inspire future-oriented, innovative logistics. The award also promotes a strengthening of the cooperation between companies, and between companies and universities, throughout the region.

The formal awards ceremony will be held at Hotel Lindtner in Hamburg’s Harburg district on 01 December. The Young Professionals’ Award will also be presented at the same ceremony, honouring the year’s most innovative student thesis in the field of logistics.

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